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My story began, when I was a child and visited my grandmother during the summer. She always made delicious, pretty cakes. My desire to create and bake delectable tasting cakes came from her. I baked cakes for years out of my house. Due to a lay off at Peabody CoalSales in 1994, I opened the Victorian Window (Bakery & Restaurant) in Charleston, WV. I operated the business for three years and had to close due to unfortunate circumstances. For twenty years, I have been employed as an administrative assistant where I gained extensive computer skills and knowledge. As time permitted, I took additional web designing and Picture Publishing classes at Web Tech University. Recently, I employed as a cake decorator for a major grocery chain. As part of my responsibilities, I decorate photo cakes. When the customers began asking me for special techniques to produce edible images for their cakes, I realized the potential for starting a business using my picture computer skills. I created the customer's special picture requests on my home computer. After I printed the pictures, I took it to work and scanned the pictures on the company scanner to print out on frosting sheets for the customer's cakes. To be honest, I was disappointed with the results that the grocery chain printer produced.


Actually, we have some left over afterwards, but I myself know that it will not last to much longer. We the two (2) is gone, but there is some five (5) left. THANK YOU VERY MUCH JEAN, we appreciate you taking out the time to make something SOOOOOOO GOOD! My fiance said that they looked so good that she didnt want to eat them. The party turned out REALLY good! THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! WE REALLY DO APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DID FOR US. I believe that my fiance and I have made a new mutual friend. We will keep you posted on things as far as when the date is for our wedding will be, we would like you and your husband to join us.

Cory M. - Indianapolis, IN

8 Inch Round Frosting Sheet

Hi Jean,

The frosting sheet arrived today- a day early even!  Thanks so much for your prompt attention.  It looks great and we think they will love it.  I would definitely contact you again when we need a special cake.  Feel free to use these comments on your website if you like.

Jackie T - Muskego, WI

Party Cake Frosting Sheet!

My sheet arrived on Tuesday!!! (I've been busy with Church events).

       I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the envelope.  Talk about quick!!  Again, you did a great job and it looks fantastic. I Luv it!!

 This party cake is going to the Coachman in Plainfield again, same place we had the Kiss Photo and  Guitars sheets Birthday celebration. Everyone there raved how nice the cakes looked.

I'm excited for next Saturday already. I know he will not want to cut it.

You named your business properly.  "Perfect."

Thank You. Until next time,

Andrea P - Mooresville, IN

Entered cakes in a Wedding Cake contest.

Jean, the cake was awesome!!!! and my daughter had to kiss him lol, i will send u pics as soon as we get

 them, she would not let anyone cut the cake she would not believe you could eat it lol, so yes it was wonderful, and everyone loved the taste, so i believe you will be busy i handed ur number out hope u are okay with that! Kathy - Indianapolis, IN


Logo Cake.

Hi Jean, Thank you so much for your talents! It was lovely to meet you also! Everyone LOVED the cake and was very impressed by your creation! The flavor & quality was excellent! If I need a cake anytime in the future, I will definitely keep you in mind! Do you only do picture cakes or do you also decorate with icing? Thank you so much! Maria M - Indianapolis, IN


3rd Birthday Party

Good morning, Jean! The party was a great success. And the cake was even better! The image was identical to the pdf file I emailed to you! Jaxon loved his Mike the Knight cake! This was the perfect solution since this show is so new I cant buy decorations or toys. And the taste was unbelievable! I can see why you owned a bakery for several years! That was one of the best cakes I have ever tasted! Thank you so much for helping make our party a success! We will definitely be in contact for our next party! * * * * * * * Thank you, Amanda B - Indianapolis, IN


3rd Birthday Party

Created Father's Day cake for my husband and son July 20, 2010 using edible frosting sheet.


Groom's Cake Frosting Sheet

Jill F - Houston, TX - Hi Jean, I got the frosting sheets They look TERRIFIC!!!! I can't wait to put them on the cake!! Thank you so much!! Jill F.


Frosting Sheet

Jennifer M - Brooklyn, NY - Sure will! The photo came out perfect! I can't wait to see it on the cake! I will be making he cake next week. Will send a picture of the finished product :) Thanks so much for the quick & perfect work! :)


Wedding Anniversary

Jackie T - Muskego, WI - Hi Jean, The frosting sheet arrived today- a day early even! Thanks so much for your prompt attention. It looks great and we think they will love it. I would definitely contact you again when we need a special cake. Feel free to use these comments on your website if you like.


Frosting Sheet

Shirley B - Indianapolis, IN - Hope this picture comes out ok. Let me know if it doesn't The other pictures you have done for me have come out great.


Family Reunion

I recieved my frosting sheet on Tuesday it looks great I am sure it will be a hit at our family reunion . Thank you so much!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

This is one of many reasons why I enjoy Picture Perfect Cakes. A truly heartfelt story for Sarah to share with me. God sends people to us for a reason. God bless all!


Graduation - Airline Pilot

Dana M - Philadelphia, PA I received your package today and they look great. Thanks so much for your help. We'll be using these over the weekend. Best regards,


80th Birthday Party

I received the sheets yesterday and they look great.  Thank you so much!

Patti D. - Afton, TN


Grandma's 88th Birthday

Hi there!

I got the icing sheet and it looks great, can't wait to use them!


Jamie D. - Corinth, TX

Niece's Birthday Party

Hello Jean,


This means the absolute world to me.  You are a true angel and a God Send to me!  I can't wait to see the picture when it gets here - as I knwo it will be perfect!  You are so nice to have done this for me on such short notice.  I have made the payment to you on paypal so you shoud dreceive the payment today.  You are truly awesome.  I'll let you know how the cake goes.  Thank you again!  I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

Thank you,

Angela J. - Cleveland, NC

Girl Scout Party

Everything was great.  Thank You very much.  Great Job!!!!

Kathie K. - Parkville, MD

9th Birthday Party

 I will keep you in mind for next time. Packaging was really good too.

Thank You,

Barbara I. - Avon Lake, OH


Mother's 90th Birthday

A fall edible cake topper (frosting sheet) created from clipart!

The birthday party is on 5/5/13.

I must share this families story with you. On 4/7/13 the man in this picture was killed in a plane crash outside of Tulsa. His name is Chris G. The boy in the picture is Ethan, his son. Ethan requested a picture of his dad and him on his cake for his upcoming birthday. I told him "I can do that", and am blessed to be doing this cake for him.  He was supposed to be on the flight with them, and last minute they decided he couldn't go. He has really been struggling with the "why did God take my dad". I clicked on your link God's Cake and had tears in my eyes. Of all the websites I could've chosen for an edible print, and I found this one. I believe our loved ones send us signs from heaven as a way to comfort. Thank you again.

Sarah S. - Manhattan, KS

Viola! It is time to start my edible

photo imaging business!

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Band Group Frosting Sheet

My last order from you was terrific and both cakes made a hit.

  PicturePerfectCakes made me look GooooD.  Thanks...


The Boys in the Band loved their cake, didn't want to cut them, took them home to the fridge to look at for 3 days... LOL

Andrea P -  Mooresville, IN



Jean, we just wanted to say thanks for an AWESOME cake. Our son loved it and it was one of the BEST cakes we have ever had. I have liked your Facebook page and also recommend your page 100% My fathers birthday is Oct 24 and I would LOVE for you to make me another special cake for him. I will email you the details in the coming weeks.. Again, THANKS for an AWESOME CAKE!!! Kevin C. - Indianapolis, IN


Dad's Birthday Party

Dana M - Philadelphia, PA I received your package today and they look great. Thanks so much for your help. We'll be using these over the weekend. Best regards,


My goal is to produce sharp, clear memorable images for each of your celebrations, "The Picture Perfect Cake" is the highlight of any family, friends, and business gathering.

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